[ios][SharePoint]-Upload Image to SharePoint from IPhone App using Swift and ASP.NET WebApi

This article will show some simple steps to upload a picture, document to SharePoint Library using XCode Swift, Asp.net Web api. I will create Native IPhone app using swift language and another app will be asp.net mvc web api to receive images with other information and upload to SharePoint. Both the project are uploaded on below link.
Iphone Project   , Open in the Xcode and Build.
Asp.net Web Api – Project..   Host the Web Application on IIS and published.
I have used the below link to get help to create Iphone native app using swift language, very simple and helpful to create Iphone App.
Image upload example with Swift To Create From Scratch
Below is the Simple example to createWeb Api.
Tutorial How to Create Asp.net Web Api To Create from scratch.

We just need to edit the url of the web api, once the web api receive the request from IPhone app, it will save file locally, than call another function to read image convert and upload to SharePoint 2013.

let myUrl = NSURL(string: http://Webserver/UploadFilesWebApi/api/fileupload/uploadfile”);

I guess it will little helpful for the readers because I didnt find any tutorial to upload from iphone to SharePoint. Below I have mentioned some screen shot.s

 defineRouteInEmptyMvcProject image2