Remove SiteColumn through GUID 2010,Remove Corrupted Site column,Field type XXXXX is not installed properly. Go to the list settings page to delete this field, SharePoint2010

Creating a wrong type in the site column for a list sometimes create a little headache. Recently I created a site column in the VS2010 where I put type of one of my Account AS Numeric .Which is not supported in the SharePoint 2010.

SiteColumn_1 with wrong Type
SiteColumn_1 with wrong Type ,

I deployed that List, and when I browse the site column in the site setting I found some exception mentioned below,

“Field type Numeric is not installed properly. Go to the list settings page to delete this field.”

FieldName with FieldId ‘57190465-529f-4dd3-bff5-5f1e3b20426b’, exception:

w3wp.exe (0x136C)        0x1888  SharePoint Foundation

I delete the list with the following Power Shall Command, and I assumed that this will solve the issue.

Stsadm -o forcedeletelist -urlhttp://WebAppName/subsitename/lists/listname

But Issue is still there, when I click on the site column I found that same error, I Google how to delete the site column from the SharePoint Power shall. And I also do not know that exact name of site column, above image of site column is just for the reference. Where it is and what is the actual state of the site column. I checked the logs and I can only see the site column GUID.

Below power shall command create one text file and shows the GUID of the entire Site Column

$web = Get-SPWeb http://win-ctk0o0jncig

$web.AvailableFields.SchemaXml | Out-File c:\Sitecolumns_.txt

Sitecolumns_.txt, will create a one text, file with all the GUIDS of  all site column, step I used to confirm the GUID of the exception and the name of site column is same or not.

I checked SharePoint Manager, SharePoint designer, that may be i can remove that site column but the same error occurred on both the SharePoint tool. The Only way I got is to remove the sitecolleciton because it was my sandbox solution, or to remove it form the content database.

For site collection SharePoint is managing a content database, more or less its also depend on your requirement. check this helpful link : Unique Content Database per SharePoint Site Collection I am going to remove the site column form the SP Content database where it is managing all the site columns.

Go to the Central Administration -> Application Management -> View All Site Collections

This will list the Site Collection and the database it resides in.

Now that you know the Database Name time to head over to the SQL Server.

Db_1_Sitecollection, Database Site collection
Db_1_Sitecollection, Database Site collection

In the mentioned Database, SharePoint is managing the content of the site collection.

SELECT * FROM [ContentDBName of Site collection ].[dbo].[ContentTypes] WHERE Definition Like ‘%GuiId of your site column%’

Delete FROM [ContentDBName of Site collection ].[dbo].[ContentTypes] WHERE Definition Like ‘%GuiId of your site column%’.

Helpful Source
Helpful Source


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