Basic Guidance for SharePoint Server …….Road Map where to start and how to start…..

After some Microsoft certifications and being an expertise more than 4 years with web technologies, I found SharePoint server is the premium product of web technologies, but still it will take time to satisfy their target audience.  However this product is outstanding but it’s licensing is very expensive. And this product is always targeted to enterprise not even SME’S. SharePoint 2010 has very attractive features with graceful user interface which I think twice the necessity of this product. My blog is for those who are trying to learn about the SharePoint and want to get start with SharePoint tools.  I overheard that people say about SharePoint that you don’t need to worry about coding, navigation, web form, etc. everything has already been done in SharePoint you just need to install and use it :D,  well this is not the situation, SharePoint is a web server engine which want some pre requirement form the people who hunger to work with SharePoint. Reason for write this blog is to aware people what should they do before in touch with SharePoint machine, what are the basic steps to learn about the SharePoint.

I ran on php, asp, jsp, html, 2.0, 3.0, cold fusion, in my life as a web site developer but I found SharePoint a outstanding in my life, as Microsoft complete all developers rights 😀 according to me , which I was expecting during developing different portals in my development period which is still going on.

SharePoint has 3 major different fields, Administration, Configuration and Development. Now it is depend on your skills and you’re planning to go with your expertise.  I  am not good in configuration and administration though in both fields you don’t need to write any code on visual studio, but for administrator your need to have a good command on power shall ( a command prompt feature in SharePoint where we can do any work by command. I.e. give rights to user, create groups, create site, deploys site, deploy package, deploy features on SharePoint).

I tried to explain a road map for developers.

Pre Requirement: (SharePoint 2010).

You need to have a good knowledge in technology, because SharePoint is based on the , i.e. you should have an idea of page life cycle, pages, session, view state , have some exposure of developing web parts, etc.  I will also recommend you to have some exposure of .net framework 4.0. Like BizTalk Server Sharepoint Server is based on SqlSErver , though in development in sharepoint you don’t need to work with sql server quries n all that. Now question is that where to start and how to start.

Well when I start my journey of SharePoint about 2 years ago, first I went to MSDN Link(, and check out the product, what is my need and how much I need to go through more and learn more. I prefer first the MSDN and then go for the wrox PDF by which I learnt about the architecture of SharePoint, how its work and what should I need to do. At this stage I didn’t watch the msdn video because videos you should start when you have installed the whole architecture of SharePoint on your farm.

I knew that I will go on with developing so I started using follow msdn with developing, I learn the architecture first and then I went to installed SharePoint 2007r on my virtual machine.

Note: It’s always good to install SharePoint (2007 or 2010) on the virtual machines because installing SharePoint is become bit hectic, and your single change to SharePoint portal  make your SharePoint site crap  because changes are store in the db , so it’s better to install it on vm and always keep one vm as one backup.

Now at this stage you have virtual machine on which you have set up the SharePoint server, here is the good link which help to install SharePoint 2010 ( with VM, but I do I may assume that at this stage you read the roadmap, architecture of SharePoint form msdn.

Now let’s talk about what to learn to become a SharePoint developer. There are many fields in SharePoint development, where you can start work on SharePoint.

(1)    Web parts,

(2)    Developing project with Visual studio,

(3)    Developing Workflow,

(4)    Developing List

(5)    Developing custom user control etc.


I have started to write my blogs regarding SharePoint development, I each lab I will explore the developing code for the SharePoint 2010.

So I recommend you’re to keep following msdn, and blog where you want to go with SharePoint. Choose your expertise and scroll down, to practice on SharePoint, so that u can practice on your fields which make u perfect. I took training and now provide training of SharePoint development, what I am doing since last week I am posting all my training class code and labs on my blogs, which let beginners to grow with SharePoint in proper way.

According to me:

Read MSDN about SharePoint architecture.

Follow my blogs for developing SharePoint, practice my labs, with visual studio, which will give an core idea of each line in SharePoint.

Make your own SharePoint vm with standalone farm.

Like BizTalk, you need to have some domain knowledge of SharePoint before going to any office as a SharePoint person, and you will not have those domain knowledge if your move your career in SharePoint in proper way. Keep following my blogs.

Link for SharePoint Videos.






One thought on “Basic Guidance for SharePoint Server …….Road Map where to start and how to start…..

  1. Sir jee Great Post… I will surely follow your instructions….Thanks a lot. Can i say it is a big big daddy of Joomla having more features and having power to integrate other Microsoft Products like Office etc ??

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