Creating List with VisualStudio 2010 in Sharepoint 2010 (simple code)

below I mentioned the simple code from my own labs.First It will check the particular list in the current site, by the help of SPContext.Current.Web , which show the current specs of  current web requested by the user.

SPWeb thisweb = SPContext.Current.Web;
using (SPWeb existingweb = thisweb.Webs[“JobData”])
//represent the list in sharepoint website//TryGetList Return the splistcollection

SPList jobdeflist = existingweb.Lists.TryGetList(“Job Definition”);if (jobdeflist != null) //here we check if SplistCollection is not null then list is already exits other wisenull then creae new list
string _status = “Job Definition List Already Exits”;


//calling the method to creaet list
string _status = “Job Definitions list have been added”;

catch (Exception ex){ }
void CreateList(SPWeb subweb)
//Creating the List

#region CreateList//add list to the SpWEb which we created on button click

Guid jobdefguid = subweb.Lists.Add(“Job Definition”,“Descrioption”, SPListTemplateType.GenericList);//this will return the unuiqe guid of list.//now adding column to the list we created.

SPList JobDef = subweb.Lists[jobdefguid];

JobDef.Fields.Add(“Minimum Salary”, SPFieldType.Currency, false);

JobDef.Fields.Add(“MaxSalary”, SPFieldType.Currency, true);

JobDef.Fields.Add(“JobDescription”, SPFieldType.Text, false);

JobDef.OnQuickLaunch =true;



#region Creating view

SPView vw = JobDef.Views[“All Items”];




vw.InlineEdit =“TRUE”;




AddItem to the List

SPListItem newDef;

newDef = JobDef.Items.Add();

newDef[“Title”] = “Developer”;

newDef[“MinSalary”] = “40000”;

newDef[“MaxSalary”] = “80000”;

newDef[“JobDescription”] = “SharePoint or other Web Developer”;




Add the below function where you required, to i.e. in webpart, in application page, etc.



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