Secure Data Transfer in FTP Adapter in BizTalk 2010 , FTP Enhancements BizTalk 2010

After an experience of BizTalk 2006 R2 Microsoft has provided a lot of new functionality which can overcome the needs of BizTalk server in 2010. As a developer I found it very good specially in developing an orchestration having a big message type in it. Although I am not pretty much stratified with the mapping debugging in 2010 but at least it has bit improvements. With all of its new features with adapters,dashboard, enhancement the one really a good improvement which I have found is the FTP adapter enhancements and they are remarkably good. not even a secure but we can handle a giga bytes message through FTP adapter in BizTalk 2010. Atomic file transfer in ASCII Mode, Transfer file from read only location .

Secure Data Transfer Property:          BizTalk and FTP adapter in 2010 provides a binding properties to use a secure channel in transferring data between two systems. These binding properties provide SSL (Secure Socket Layer).Basically there are two channels in FTP communication (1) Command and (2) Data-channel. All the user credentials and headers information regarding the communication between systems goes in the command channel. All the data commands goes to the data channel, whenever we select USSL then we specify that all the communication between channel is secure and encrypted ans secure. This property also specify that the BizTalk receive location is configured for SSL data transfer.

FTP enhancements

Data Protection Property:                   This property specifies that file transfer between the data channel is encrypted. This mean that file by using any network protocol analyzer we cant see the content of the file.

FTPS  Connection Mode Property :There are two connection Mode, Implicit and Explicit, In Explicit connection mode client connect over the control or command channel with FTP server and then negotiate SSL handshake with the FTP server. Implicit connection Mode: In this scenario SSL handshake negotiation with FTP server must be initiate before send any FTP command.Explicit connection enable client to decide when to upgrade the SSL connection.

Client Certificate Hash Property : This property specify the thumb print of client certificate if we want to authenticate the FTP client by the FTP server.

In the above screen shot I have specify the both properties, Explicit connection mode and USESSL.

By using a Microsoft netmon we can check composition of data between BizTalk server and the FTP Server.

explicit connection mode, data protetion is yes and SSL
explicit connection mode, data protetion is yes and SSL

above screen short show the Explicit connection mode, with Secure Data protection with SSL, everything is encrypted between two systems.

use SSL Data protection is no
use SSL Data protection is no

In this screen shot we are using SSL but data protection property to plain text, as a result we can observe that the command line channel which actually making a connection by sending headers information to FTP server are not encrypted but the data command channel is encrypted due to SSL.


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