21st Century revolution may start our little contribution……

Well I come to write this blog because I bring a new type of idea to boost our economy first time ever which no one has ever think before. I wouldn’t say anything about the government and the politicians because everyone knows that they are big losers who never think for the prosperity of the people. AS we saw a massive killing in Egypt and Libya in having a revolution now our people get scared with the consequences, though they have kicked off the present government with new hope but if we do the same so will be the biggest loser nation ever, because we know that after our revolutions and massive killing the upcoming politicians will also start snatching our money from scratch.
So my idea is just pro government, I am not against any nation, any party any government, but I come up with the new idea which is so trouble-free each of us will be sit on our home and uprising do its work, we don’t need to come on the roads and do any single protest, this new kind of revolution by design start and boost our economy with the existing government.
I am suggesting this idea because I have whole plan of 3 decade to upright our economy.
“Let government do what they are doing, what a single man wants!!! Good quality floor with low price i.e 5 Rupees Kg, we can do if we subsidies our floor, sugar and oil which are basic necessities of life, we don’t bother government to subsidies these stuff, but we can create an independent commission of newly graduated masters who manage a money for this subsidiary. Now how and where we get the money to subsidies this, every man, women, child, beggar, painter, labor, business man, girls, student, everyone give 10 per month to this independent committee, till 5 months, we collect and subsides stuff ourselves we just need to plan our goal on our own, IF everyone played its role solely with sincerity then we will move further on oil and will go further with in making strong our institution.
This might seems impossible because we are dump, we don’t need to come out from our house to stuff price to get low, all we have to do is to contribute only 10 rupees per month for our food and for the improved future of our country.

This is not only collecting money but an independent committee or auditor or new masters graduated will take care or whole money, we will engage old sincere propel for our further plan, but this is the time for you people to contribute and start thinking for future.
I have done and made a whole plan for 3 decade for our country, our this work will also help government to take better stand, we will strong our institution, we can prove our solidarity.

We will give assignment to our current universities students to broadcast this message and collect amount form the people with honesty as we do in any natural disaster, initially we can have sponsor who give money to spread a young people team in all over the country. Most important thing we have is the accountability so that not a single penny of people will not be go in any fake hand.

I need people to write comment on my blog and like it so that I can have an idea that our people are watching the future of Pakistan.

email me your feedback :abdulazizfarooqi@live.com
I will explore my idea further after the good feedback on this blog. Simple idea with little bit difficulty. 10 Rupees can afford everyone, a cobbler, beggar etc. if you don’t like the idea so get ready for more inflation in our country.

Kindly forget my if there is any grammar or typo mistake. concentrate on an idea. 🙂


One thought on “21st Century revolution may start our little contribution……

  1. Well I understand the need of revolution which could result in better governance but as the illicit mindset of the western media “….2 down 20 to go…” thing wont help the people.

    Being a government you cannot make everyone happy, some sort of reconciliation as tested by Pakistani government.

    There are many events organized in the aspect in the country but the people have no hope in the future leaders.

    50 paisa increase in oil prices shifts 400 000 people below poverty line. After IMF loan Every newborn is liable to pay the debt and we are not free people; we are the slaves of the capitalist system.

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