BizTalk 2010 Installation barricades

Recently I came to an experience in installing BizTalk 2010 for capturing its new features and working tools. For installing BizTalk 2010 I have found that we need to upgrade 5 things in order to get BizTalk 2010 start works for our environment. Till yet we have BizTalk beta version of 2010, First I tried to install it on windows 2003 but I didn’t find it as good idea so I tried and successfully tried it on newer operating system. As I mentioned that there are 5 things which we need to have BizTalk 2010 and these are.

(1) OS , preferably windows 2008 R2
(2) .Net Framework 3 or above
(3) Visual studio 2010 not even 2008
(4) SqlServer 2008
(5) IIS7

These above five thing are required for standalone server, that mean no active active or active passive methodology has been involved in this installation, but we can expand it our own architecture.

Elaborating Installation Step by Step:

Eventually I didn’t find new in installing windows server 2008 though I found it easier than before. Then I configure IIS in my newly OS and restart windows, however we don’t need to restart but it like a best practice to restart and let our IIS server run in our environment.

.Net Framework 4 : same as above no difficulties, more than that we don’t need to gather any setup for .net framework because it is already in our Visual Studio ultimate edition which is designed and issued for developers. You can explore more

Visual studio 2010 not even 2008 : Now new changes getting occurrence now, when I was installing BizTalk server 2010 , I had planned to worked on my existing licensed VS2008 VSTS, I did not have any planned to move on VS2010, but when I complete my BizTalk installation I didn’t find any BizTalk project template in that, so I goggled and found that we can’t use VS2008 for working on BizTalk 2010 beta, I think this might be the issue in which Microsoft is being working on, they should do something with this, So I didn’t stop here , I download and installed VS2010 beta version, link to download : Support for Visual Studio 2010 and NET Framework (v4) introduces a number of improvements to the underlying Visual Studio-based BizTalk project system: debugging support for artifacts s BizTalk maps (XSLT), enhanced BizTalk artifact property pages being integrated into Project Designer tabs, the latest Visual Studio Project Update Wizard and support for both release and debug builds.

SqlServer 2008 :I have found new features in SqL server 2008, like new enhancement in reporting services with the new reporting web tool and other stuff, plus I have found new enhance tools on SSIS package. Support for SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2 offers better manageability and scalability, an optimized virtual SQL Server implementation, improved performance (especially in a 64-bit environment).
SQL Server Transparent data encryption (TDE) in BizTalk Server
Transparent data encryption (TDE) is a new encryption feature introduced in Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008. It provides protection for the entire database “at rest”, meaning the data and log files without affecting existing applications.
In BizTalk Server 2010, the transparent data encryption (TDE) feature of SQL Server can be used to protect data that contains confidential and sensitive information such as customer orders with credit card information in messages. This information must be secured in order to comply with privacy legislation and industry standards. For example, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) ( specifies a set of requirements designed to ensure that ALL companies that process, stores or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.
You may want to protect stored cardholder data and restrict access to cardholder data by business need-to-know. To help secure BizTalk Server, SQL TDE offers a way to encrypt data files so that data in backups cannot be read if the reader does not have access to a decryption key and a password. This reduces the risk of sensitive data being compromised even if physical access to the backed up data is obtained.
When enabling TDE, we recommend that you take backups of all BizTalk Server databases and store it in a secure off-site location. You must ensure that the state of TDE encryption is consistent across all BizTalk Server databases. For example, when you add a new message box DB to the BizTalk Server, you must explicitly enable TDE on that DB.

BizTalk 2010, now ready to get install no issue with standalone but we need to have link to download cab files which is required to complete the installation, link.

Now when I opened VS2010 I found that still there is no project template of new BizTalk 2010, than I found solution by repairing it. Enjoy working on BizTalk 2010.


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