Using WCF Adapter In BizTalk [Simple Deployment]

Windows Communication Foundation connect different application through a new service-oriented development model. It support many new style in distributed application and make it more easy integration among business to business. It contains layered architecture with secure tunnel  .I do not go for further detail , Reason for this blog is to help all in creating WCF application simple
(1) Just Develop you desire Work Flow (Orchestration) and Service.
(2) Open <span>WCF</span> Web publishing Wizard and Check (a) Enable Metadata Endpoint , (b) Create BizTalk Receive Location in the in ur application.
(3) Go to you BizTalk console and Enable the Receive location and Start your Application from Biztalk Console.
(4) Then Browse it from IE or Fire Fox to check that either Service is running or Not.
Now Service has been Develop. Lets do something for its Client.
(5) Go to the Patah “c:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\Bin\”   and Write SVCUTL and your url of your service i.e. c:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\Bin\svcutil localhost:axix//axx.svx?wsdl, this will copy the two files, one is output.config and other is BizTalkServiceInstance. cut and paste both files to your cilent and then See you service desp  for its consumption.
(6) Now at this point we have almost done just two little things are required, add reference to System.ServiceModel in your client.

I Think this is the most simplest which i tried to make.
: Make life Easier  : Abdul Aziz Farooqi


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